About Us


Without Remorse was founded with the dream of empowering people to be able to buy the products they love while making a difference.


We design each piece with the vision of showing off the beauty of nature. All pieces are handcrafted with natural high quality raw stones striaght from the earth. We then take 10% of the profits and donate them to help injured and abused animals. 



The Product


Each product is handcrafted from raw gemstones. Since no two stones are alike, no two products will be alike, ensuring you always have a one-of-a-kind piece.


Our pieces embody simple elegance. We believe there is so much beauty in nature that we don't want to distract from the raw stones with flashy additional elements. That's why each piece will solely focus of the raw beauty of the stone. 

The Cause


We're currently supporting two causes but hope to continuously add more as we grow! 


1. We work with local domestic animal shelters and rescue groups to help rescue dogs that have been neglected or abused. Most of these animals have endured serious harm by their owner and simply need help with their vet bills to make them healthy again so they can be adopted to a loving forever home. This is where we come in. We donate directly to the vets so our customers and us know exactly where the money is going to. 
(The dog in the bottom middle is actually my baby and inspiration!)
Read more in depth here!


2. We donate to lionaid.org and bloodlions.org to help end the cruelness of cub petting, canned hunting, and ensure the preservation of our favorite large cats! Please watch the trailer below and the blood lions documentary to learn more about canned hunting and why we all need to work together to make it stop. 

        Sustainable Initiatives

Here at Without Remorse we believe that helping the environment is just as important as helping our animals. Because of this we try to impliment sustainable measures in everything we do. 

All of our packing, including mailers, gift boxes, ribbon, and flyers are made from 100% recycled products with no chemical additives. We always make sure our materials are mined from responsible sustainable sources and come from local family and artisan companies instead of corporate giants. Finally, even all of our display materials, like the wood slabs are sustainably sourced. The company founder (Paige) actually chopped down all the wood slabs from trees that were struck down by lightening in a big storm. 

We hope you support our initiative to help heal our very damaged planted. It only works if we all work together.