Our beginnings...

April 26, 2016


This picture is of me (the founder - Paige) when I first started this company in 2012, I was young, bright eyed, and determined to change the world. Here's my story. 


Without Remorse began early 2012 as a dream to harness the power of retail to make the world a better place. 


I had just finished my undergrad in design & merchandising and went to work for a popular home decor store. I only lasted 3 months before I had to get out of there. Every day I felt sick to my stomach seeing all the waste and extremely un-sustainable methods they use. However, I wasn't just sick because of what I was seeing at this company, I was sick because I knew this is how all major retailers work and it was a devastating hit to my reality. 


I couldn't sleep thinking about the several trash dumpsters we filled up a day. Thinking about the millions of dollars the company makes in profits, yet they're unwilling to donate a scratched piece of furniture to the homeless or needy. Thinking of the jokes the employees made about the products being made overseas in factories that pay $1/day. 


The sad part is, the company could have still made millions if they put more ethical standards into place, but greed controls us all. 




This is when I decided I wanted to be a part of the solution, not the problem. I wanted to create a retail company that is completely ethical and would help the world become a better place, even if I can only impact one city, or one neighborhood, Every bit of change helps.


My goals were as follows:

      > All items are to be handmade by myself.
      > All aspects of the business will be sustainable. From product materials, to the boxes and                  cotton we pack each product into, and even in our shipping envelopes. 

      > We would donate 10% of the profits to groups and organizations that are truly in need. We                will spend great time doing research to ensure the consumer's money is going to the best              place. 



I quit my job on a leap of faith that there are other people out there who want to help change this world as much as I do. I sold my first pair of earrings just two days after I made them and I knew this was going to work.


Without Remorse was born. 




- Paige - Founder - 







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